Classical Yoga Fest

Enhance Your Life - Educate a Child

A European Charity Event to Support a Child

Welcome to Soul of Yoga, this is Hans!

We are having a Classical Yoga Fest in a number cities around Europe, with about 15 teachers involved. Isha Hatha Yoga Teachers want to create a wave to make authentic Classical Hatha Yoga available to as many as possible.

All the money raised in our event in Vienna will go to support the education of underpriviledged children in rural India.

A Lost Life?

When I was living in India, I had the opportunity to visit a few villages and schools in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, India. I realized, that there is a seemingly forgotten population in the countryside. This is one of the unfortunate places in the world, where children are often times malnourished or even held back from school in order to work on the fields and thus economically support their families at home.

There are no bad intentions in place either, it is simply the way the economic situation is structured in those rural areas. I was overwhelmed, when witnessing these fates. You need to imagine a life with a complete lack of fundamental necessities we all take for granted: water, food and basic medical support. Enabling them to receive a formal education is vitally important to improve these children’s conditions.

Let me share a wonderful experience I had when visiting a school, which was sponsored by Isha Vidya. Isha Vidya is a non-profit education initiative, that works for the economic and social empowerment of rural children. Children had received partial or complete scholarships, so that their parents would actually let them go to a school. By the way, these scholarships include meals, in order to help them grow up in a healthier manner. A few cooked vegetables and soaked peanuts can go a long way! : )

If you want to support a life, then I can assure you, that your donation will be used very well at Isha Vidhya, with little to no costs for unnecessary marketing or similar activites.  😉

Discover Classical Yoga & Help a Child

I will be teaching Classical Hatha Yoga practices to help you achieve an Inner Balance on a non-profit basis. I’d like to ask you to make an online donation to Isha Vidhya, using the button above or below. I recommend donating an amount of 20€ for the session, but you are free to choose the level of your donation. Believe me, any Euro will make a difference for their life. Please send us a screen shot of the donation, which will confirm your registration for the programme.

Who can join?

Everybody is heartfully invited to join 🙂 In case you had a surgery within the last 6 months, are having health issues or want to bring children below 14 years, please send me a message, before signing up!


Sunday, September 8, 2019, 15:00 – 17:00


How to register?

Please click on the two buttons below. One is to complete the donation to Isha Vidhya and one is to put yourself on the list of participants.

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