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What is Devotion and why is it needed?

“Devotion is not about belief. I am talking about moving into trust. So the question arises, “How can I trust?” The fact that you are sitting comfortably, that is trust. (…) This round planet is spinning and travelling at a tremendous speed and the whole solar system and galaxy are travelling at we don’t know what speed. Suppose Mother Earth decides to suddenly start spinning in the opposite direction, maybe you will fly off from where you are sitting right now – you don’t know. For you to sit, smile, listen and talk to somebody, you need enormous trust. But you are doing it unconsciously and un-lovingly. Just learn to do this trust consciously and lovingly. That is devotion.” -Sadhguru

Conceived as a powerful process to make devotion a living experience in your day to day life, Yoga of Devotion establishes an inherent sense of trust and love within you, opening the way to genuine altruism and humility, essential qualities in today’s world.

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